Critter diving Indonesia Selayar Dive Resort

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We do not have long boat rides and our House Reef is rated as one of the best in the world. We have also been recognised as one of the top 10 eco dive resorts in Asia by Scuba Diver Australasia Magazine.
Critter diving Indonesia Images and underwater photography from Selayar Dive Resort south Sulawesi Selayar Island.

pygmy seahorse house reef diving
denise pygmy seahorse house reef diving
pygmy seahorse house reef Sulawesi
pygmy seahorse Indonesia South Sulawesi
seahorse diving Sulawesi Indonesia bargibanti


critter diving macro photography Sulawesi leaf fish
macro diving Indonesia South Sulawesi candy crab
critter photography sulawesi indonesia scorpion fish
underwater photography resort sulawesi lion fisch
stone fish underwater photography wakatobi sulawesi


lionfish diving South Sulawesi
padi dive courses indonesia flounder
dive photography sulawesi packages long nose hawkfish
diving indonesia ribbon eel
muck diving sulawesi indonesia snake eel


critter diving photography indonesia resort ghost pipe fish
halimeda ghost pipefish sulawesi indonesia
frogfish macro photography Indonesia South Sulawesi
sargassum frogfish sulawesi indonesia
critter diving Indonesia South Sulawesi sargassum frog fish


padi dive resort Indonesia South Sulawesi clownfish
macro photography sulawesi indonesia
cuttlefish dive sulawesi indonesia
cuttlefish diving Indonesia South Sulawesi
diving indonesia moray eel


macro diving indonesia sulawesi candy crab
learn diving sulawesi indonesia shrimp with eggs
hermit crab critter diving sulawesi
critter diving indonesia crab
mantis shrimp sulawesi critter diving indonesia


diving sulawesi indonesia crab
crustacean diving sulawesi indonesia
scuba diving resort indonesia south Sulawesi xeno crab
scuba dive sulawesi indonesia orang utan crab
night diving sulawesi indonesia decorator crab


eco dive resort coral crab
lobster diving indonesia south Sulawesi
indonesia dive package sulawesi selayar island sea snake hydrophiinae
cheap diving package indonesia south Sulawesi sea snake hydrophiinae
sea snake hydrophiinae critter diving

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