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South Sulawesi (Indonesian: Sulawesi Selatan ) is a province of Indonesia, located on the western southern peninsula of Sulawesi island. The province is bordered by Central Sulawesi province to the north, South East Sulawesi province to the east and West Sulawesi province to the west (West Sulawesi province was split from South Sulawesi in 2004). The capital of South Sulawesi is Makassar.

Sulawesi is the world’s eleventh-largest island, covering an area of 174,600 km2 (67,413 sq mi). The island is surrounded by Borneo to the west, by the Philippines to the north, by Maluku to the east, and by Flores and Timor to the south. It has a distinctive shape, dominated by four large peninsulas: the Semenanjung Minahassa; the East Peninsula; the South Peninsula; and the South-east Peninsula. The central part of the island is ruggedly mountainous, such that the island’s peninsulas have traditionally been remote from each other, with better connections by sea than by road.
The island is subdivided into six provinces: Gorontalo, West Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, and North Sulawesi. West Sulawesi is a new province, created in 2004 from part of South Sulawesi. The largest cities on the island are Makassar, on the southwestern coast of the island, and Manado, on the northern tip.

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Trips: tales, myths and culture of South Sulawesi Indonesia

Those who need a short surface break or simply wish to learn about the impressive culture of Sulawesi should not resist a land tour.

Cave tour from the beach of Selayar Dive Resort

A must for all guests is a visit to the cave located behind the resort. The staff are pleased to guide you through the rainforest directly bordering the resort, some way up the steep fossilized coral reef building the back land. The destination is a fascinating stalactite cavern. Nowadays it is inhabited by bats, but fossilized bones and a coffin are witnesses of a time long past and leave room for a wild imagination of what once happened there…

Cave on the Beach of Selayar south Sulawesi

Land tour Selayar Island South Sulawesi Indonesia

Tours over the island can be organised for guests upon request. They are not included in the price for your stay in the resort as they are organised by local guides who can then also benefit from the guests at the resort. The trips are always planned according to the wishes of the guests. They offer an unforgettable insight into the life of the islanders. Most guests visit the traditional market in Benteng, the Capital of Selayar, and the Dongson Drum, a gong that was given as a wedding present by a Chinese prince several centuries ago.
Waterfalls and caves are also destinations for a trip. The tours are always an adventure and the local guides are pleased to show the guests the island through their eyes, always endeavouring to make mystical places and the unique nature of the island into an unforgettable experience. The guides also often add some personal details, combined with something very mysterious, such as a crocodile that is the reincarnation of a dead sister or a fossilized skull which is guarded like a treasure by an old man. Well, best to leave something to be a surprise

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Tana Toraja South Sulawesi Indonesia organized by Selayar Dive Resort

Before or after your stay on Selayar, you can discover the culture of Sulawesi by taking a 3-5 day trip to Toraja in the heart of Sulawesi.
Exploring the ancient culture of the Toraja people makes the journey to Sulawesi a special experience. In the 700 metre high region live a people that have preserved their original culture into our present time. The unique landscape, original rainforest and mountain ranges are perfect for long walks and expeditions. The Toraja’s singular cult of the dead lets you trace back to an ancient time.
Tana Toraja is located on the main Sulawesi island, 300 km north of Makassar, the provincial capital of South Sulawesi. Its geographical location is between latitude of 2°-3° South and longitude 119°-120° East . The total area is 3.205,77 km², about 5% of the South Sulawesi province. The topography of Tana Toraja is mountainous. The minimum elevation is 150 m, while the maximum is 3,083 above the sea level.

Tana Toraja south Sulawesi Indonesia

Tana Toraja Regency (Torajaland, Land of the Toraja or Tator) is a regency (kabupaten) of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, home of Toraja ethnic group people. The local government seat is in Makale, where the center of Toraja culture is in Rantepao. But now, Tana Toraja has been divided to two regencies that consist of Tana Toraja with capital is Makale and Toraja Utara with capital is Rantepao.
Tana Toraja boundary was determined by the Dutch East Indies government in 1909. In 1926, Tana Toraja was under the administration of Bugis state, Luwu. The regentschap (or regency) status was given on October 8, 1946, the last regency given by the Dutch. Since 1984, Tana Toraja has been named as the second tourist destination after Bali by the Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia. Since then, hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors have visited this regency. In addition, numerous Western anthropologists have come to Tana Toraja to study the indigenous culture and people of Toraja.

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