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Beach Resort Indonesia

Beach Resort Indonesia south Sulawesi   Click on the Pictures to enlarge Images: Then Click F11 for Fullscreen! Beach Resort Indonesia south Sulawesi Images and photography from Selayar Dive Resort Selayar Island. The beach resort in Indonesia was planned and built

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Diving Indonesia

Diving Indonesia – a land of thousands of islands Welcome to Selayar Dive Resort – your home for a perfect experience - Diving Indonesia! The oceans surrounding Indonesia are home to the largest diversity of marine species in the world which makes diving in Indonesia something that many divers only dream of. Indonesia is an

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Private Beach Indonesia

Private Beach Indonesia | Selayar Dive Resort Private Beach Indonesia: Are you dreaming of a tropical getaway with clear blue water and an Indonesian white sand beach? Then look no further than Selayar Dive Resort. Our 1 km private white beach runs the entire length of the resort and each bungalow has direct access on

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South Sulawesi Indonesia

South Sulawesi (Indonesian: Sulawesi Selatan ) is a province of Indonesia, located on the western southern peninsula of Sulawesi island. The province is bordered by Central Sulawesi province to the north, South East Sulawesi province to the east and West Sulawesi province to the west (West Sulawesi province was split from South Sulawesi in 2004).

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